Nail Technician Certificate

This certificate program covers basic manicures to luxurious spa treatments. It covers topic such as hand and fingernail anatomy including French polish application.

You will also learn the fundamentals of artificial nail services including procedures and techniques used in acrylic nails & gel nails, nail tips, nail fills, nail art and removal.

Our one-on-one approach to teaching allows us to adapt to your learning style and lets you learn at your own pace while focusing on the following topic:

  • Nail Anatomy & Diseases
  • Nail Prep theory
  • Manicure/Pedicure
  • Deluxe Manicure/Deluxe Pedicure
  • Paraffin Manicure/Paraffin Pedicure
  • Shellac Polish
  • Acrylic Overlays
  • Gel Overlays
  • Acrylic with tips
  • Gel with tips
    • Full sculpting for acrylic/Full sculpting with gel