Health Care Aide Challenge

 The Health Care Aide (HCA) Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) is a challenging program consisting of multiple challenge exams and skills designed for individuals who have prior work experience in healthcare.

This program will be of interest to those who are currently employed as Health Care Aides, Personal Support Workers, Nursing Attendants, internationally trained nurses and those who are currently working as uncertified Health Care Aides in Alberta.

This is a self-study program and each student will receive skills assessment to achieve the level of proficiency required for the Health Care Aide certificate. All PLAR students are required to successfully complete an in-lab assessment that is facilitated by Rosewood.

As a PLAR student you are also eligible to take the following additional certifications for an additional cost:

  • Supportive Pathways (Dementia) Certificate
  • Assisting with Medication Certificate
  • CPR – Basic Life Support BLS

Why wait any longer?

Please contact our office to see if you are eligible to challenge the program and achieve your goal to become a Health Care Aide Professional faster.