Health Care Aide Certificate

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The demand for health-care workers is extremely high in Alberta. The Health Care Aide program is perfect for you if you enjoy caring for others, working under the supervision of a nurse or health professional and want to get into the workforce quickly. Rosewood is committed to help you achieve your success.

As a Health Care Aide (HCA) you will provide basic nursing care to residents, assists with activities of daily living, and implement health services to clients who have medical conditions and/or major functional limitations.

A Health Care Aide maintains and promotes resident safety, comfort, privacy and dignity while promoting independence and performing duties to maintain an aesthetic environment. The Health Care Aide will be responsible for attending to the clients’ physical and emotional needs through in-home assisted living programs or at long-term care facilities.

Hands- on classroom learning and lab practice
Clinical experience

Become a Health Care Aide


Program Courses

The role of the Health Care Aide in the Canadian health care industry. Developing communication and interpersonal relationship techniques. Familiarization with Canadian legislation within the professional environment.

Introduction to the human body and functions. Health and illness. How to adapt care strategies for people in different stages of health

Establishing client and worker safety techniques needed for working in the health care field.

Learning how to provide and assist with activities of daily living for the clients. Developing skills or different health conditions. Students will be exposed to real life scenarios in a lab setting.

Acquiring care strategies for complex care appliances and conditions. Lab skills will ensure students become confident in techniques.

Dementia will be covered in depth, allowing students to gain a detailed understanding of the condition and care skills involved when dealing with dementia.

Educational foundation and skills necessary to assist with medication delivery will be presented. Students will be tested on knowledge and practically based medication delivery. Medication Delivery Upon completion students will be presented with “Assisting with Medication Delivery” certificate.

Diverse age-related care needs will be covered, beginning from infancy up until end-of-life care.